Whos Who

Sanctuary is a completely voluntary organisation that was initially setup to provide an overnight winter shelter.  Our activities now encompass a wide range services, many of which are available on a daily basis throughout the year.

Key members of the Sanctuary team are:

  • Chair: Peter Field (Trustee)
  • Project Manager:  Steve Nolan
  • Guest Management: Lorna Nolan
  • Daytime activities at Gravesend Methodist Church:  Vicki Clarke (Trustee)
  • Volunteer Management: Mike Collins
  • Safeguarding & Governance:  Carol Webster (Trustee)
  • Newsletter & Marketing: Michael Coveney
  • Fundraising & Social Media: Steve Nolan
  • Prayer support: Sue Terry
  • Finance:  Kwamena Beecham
  • Buildings: Eric Davis (Trustee)
  • Other Trustees:  Adrian Hopkins