Information for Churches

Gravesham Sanctuary was set up specifically as a Christian response to those in need.  Jesus made it clear in Matthew 25 that He expects us to help the disadvantaged among our community, including the homeless.

We recognise that churches typically have limited resources, so by working together we can do so much more.  Here are some things that a church can do to become a Friend:

  • Promote the work of Sanctuary and our need for volunteers in newsletters and on noticeboards
  • Invite us to speak at your service – we can bring a gospel message of hope and answers to prayer happening right where we live
  • Make a regular financial contribution – even a few pounds each month can make a big difference
  • Adopt a night.  This is where the church takes on the responsibility to run the night shelter for one night.  We provide all the resources, training and backup needed.  This is a great way for congregations to feel ownership and part of what God is doing in our town.

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