Information for Organisations

Over the past few years, we have been so grateful for the support we have received from local businesses.  Some of this has come in the form of regular gifts such as food, while other support has been in response to a particular request such as the provision of an industrial washing machine.

We still need organisations to do these things, but as part of the programme we are looking for a regular commitment to help.  Here are some suggestions of how organisations can be involved:

Regular gifts of :

  • Food
  • Cleaning products
  • ….

Occasional gifts in response to appeals, e.g.

  • Bedding such as pillows and sleeping bags
  • Electrical / white goods
  • Decorating items
  • ….

We are also looking for organisations to sponsor some of our day-to-day roles.  Getting funding for staff is very difficult but without them we cannot operate.  Here are two key roles where we are looking for funding:

  • Overnight coordinator (approx. £11,200 pa)
  • Volunteer administrator (approx. £6500 pa)

Finally, organisations can also help us by ‘adopting’ us as their official charity.  This would then pave the way for:

  • Employees giving via the payroll
  • Supplying people to serve for a set number of weeks
  • Promoting our need for volunteers and funding through internal bulletins

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