Christmas at Gravesham Sanctuary

For many, Christmas is a special time filled with joy and excitement as we celebrate the festive season with loved ones. However, it’s easy to forget those who will spend Christmas alone, cold and in need. For some, very little hope can be found in Christmas. That’s why we want to help.

Over the Christmas period, we have been providing special meals for our guests, giving presents filled with donated goods and sharing companionship so they know that they are not alone. Amidst the bitter chill of winter’s wind, the warmth of Christmas and our care for each of our guests prevails.

See how you can give those in need the opportunity to rebuild their lives by exploring our website. Whether you wish to volunteer, donate, or support us by simply sharing our work, it all goes a long way. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sanctuary is a ‘first point of contact’ to those who are homeless irrespective of situation or background, with a focus on providing assistance not catered by other agencies..

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