There are many different reasons to volunteer

You might be looking to meet new people, develop skills or grow in confidence, build on existing experience, support a cause you care about or make a difference.

There are a number of teams in which volunteers can serve

Night Shelter team

Providing showers, hot food and overnight sleeping arrangements. This team operates 7 nights a week starting in November until the end of March

Daytime Team

Based at our Day Centre and Admin Office at Longferry Court that provides help with liaising with guests and general cleaning of the building.

Prayer Team

This team prays on a regular basis for the work of Sanctuary and is vital to our success.

Whatever your motivation, we welcome your application

To apply, please select the following link that will take you to our online application form – you must be over 18. Once we have processed your form we will contact you to let you know about training and when you can expect to volunteer. Thank you for taking your time and for caring about the homeless in our area.

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