Hard to believe …

I was the coordinator at the Sanctuary Drop-in last Sunday evening.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Around 7pm a lady walked in with 2 children who were homeless and had no where to stay. She told me that they had been homeless since Friday and were spotted by the Street Pastors who found her at midnight on a bench with her two girls viagra achat en suisse. Despite contact with Social Services, they had not provided her or her children with any accommodation so one of the street pastors paid for them to stay in a hotel that evening.Extinction movie trailer

On the following day – Saturday – again, social services were unable to help them and they were left out on the street. A person from Sanctuary found out and paid for them to stay in a hotel on Saturday night.

And so here they were, again without shelter, and without social services being able to help. I phoned the emergency number and wasn’t able to get through to social services 24 hour child emergency line. I eventually phoned the adult emergency line who took a message to pass onto the child team. After a few hours I was contacted by them who initially didn’t believe the family were homeless and therefore hadn’t helped them. I sorted this out and social services came up with a place for them to stay. Since then, Lorna of Sanctuary, has been liaising between the family and social services where they have now been offered a place to stay.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

As I was driving the family to their bed and breakfast, the mother told me that they have not had a home for around 4 months. Before she met the Street Pastors and Sanctuary, she was at her wits end and thought that no one cared about them. But since then, she says that hope has been restored and for the first time in months believes that someone actually cares.

What this experience tells me is:

  • there continues to be a homeless problem in the area which social services are struggling to cope with
  • in our day and age, how can a family with children be put in this state and without access to appropriate help?
  • there is a great need for Sanctuary in our town (and probably in towns all around the country).

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Sanctuary is a ‘first point of contact’ to those who are homeless irrespective of situation or background, with a focus on providing assistance not catered by other agencies..

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