Love and Respect

From time to time we hear from our ‘old’ guests in what they are doing now.  One of them, David George has recently written about his experiences of being homeless.  Below is an extract:

“The world starts to shrink when you are homeless as it becomes more and more difficult to summon up the courage to ask friends for help. Combined with this increasing isolation, fear for the future can make one feel unwanted and unwelcome in normal society and psychological erosion soon starts to fester. I was very lucky, having lived rough only four or five weeks before using the drop-in facilities at Gravesend Methodist Church and I’m sure that my eyes, reddened by holding back tears of relief weren’t the first seen there by the compassionate volunteers whose care and dedication certainly helped to halt the decline.

After yet another restless night, a place where one can shower and have a coffee and chat with someone who cares, makes all the difference and gives respite to a day that starts off bad and would otherwise continue that way. The knowledge that someone was always there to take mail, wash my clothes, give advice and to listen was central for me to muster enough enthusiasm and grace to carry on and find a hostel place. I will always remember with love and respect, that which was shown to me by the selfless people that give so much in helping at the church.”

His book is titled “Khama Trading: A Pretty Rough Guide to Thailand” and may appeal to young travellers as to the pit falls of dabbling in the underside of Thai society!  It is available for Kindle on Amazon.

If you volunteer with us, never underestimate the value of what you do to those in need.

Sanctuary is a ‘first point of contact’ to those who are homeless irrespective of situation or background, with a focus on providing assistance not catered by other agencies..

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