Thank you Tesco, Asda and Nuffield Health

Over the past few weeks we have received a number of donations that helps to keep Sanctuary afloat.   We have regular financial supporters (if you want to become one then visit as well as gifts of food and clothing.

This past week we have had food donations from Tesco through their food share program.  A massive ‘Thank you’ for your weekly contributions:

… from Asda where we were one of three nominated charities to receive a donation that was voted by shoppers through the green discs collected by the store checkout.  We received a kind donation of £200, thank you Asda and your very kind shoppers (see photo at top).

… last, but not least, a very big thank you to Nuffield Health Gym at Medway for providing us with so many tinned products to feed our guests. We are so grateful and a big shout out to all your customers who supported Sanctuary in this way.

Sanctuary is a ‘first point of contact’ to those who are homeless irrespective of situation or background, with a focus on providing assistance not catered by other agencies..

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